3 - 27 APRIL 2014

    HADA Contemporary is pleased to present new works by Park Seungmo (b. 1969), which bring together many concerns that originate from the Eastern philosophies. By creating immersive illusionistic environment for viewers’ immediate and direct engagement, he narrates the key aspects in his oeuvre such as illusions of realities.

    The long tradition of studies and theories on the mirror and the reflection alludes the myriads of meanings and associations they carry. Although initially used as the symbols ...

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    Inadequate Metaphors

    6 - 30 MARCH 2014

    HADA Contemporary is delighted to present first UK solo exhibition by Chung Heeseung (b. 1974) featuring new works from her Still-life (2009 -) series. Chung’s artistic practice unfolds as she visually articulates the indefinable and unstable state in which subjects exists questioning the uncertain identity of the photography. Focusing on the liminal and dormant state in which everything is fluid and transformative, rather than investing in finding answers, the works from her practice are the process ...